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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you trust us with your precious possessions, we would like you to know more about us. Here are some of those common queries which our customers normally have at different points of time.

1. Do you buy gold?

Yes we do. We are among the reputed buyers of gold and silver jewellery, gold coins and other precious metals in terms of instant cash. We accept antiques, flatware, estate pieces, dental gold, custom jewellery and various expensive materials designed from platinum and palladium. Recently, we are also dealing with diamonds. Call us at 0207 112 5180 to know more.

2. How will you buy gold from us?

The process is easy. You can drop in at your office with your possessions. Appraisals will be done in front of you, so that you also know its true value. There will be no hidden cost also and after your approval we issue the receipt and pay on the spot.

3. What will be the price of the items if I sell?

Normally the price is determined depending on the value of the metal. Normally we determine the value of the material in terms of its karat value. Find more at

4. Am I getting the best deal?

This is indeed a most important question and honestly speaking we are unable to give you a happy answer. It’s because everyone claims themselves as the best. So do we. But you can always ask our happy clients in Wandsworth. Since we deal with local customers our operating costs is relatively low, which allows us to offer you higher price. Leaving the refining, assay and financing charge, our profit margin is pretty low. At least in terms of unbeatable price we are leading many popular cash for gold dealers in the region.

5. As I paid £800 for buying this ring, I should expect the same price. Should not I?

No, you should not, because “cash for gold” scheme operates differently. In this scheme you will only get the melt value of your jewellery or coins. When it’s sent to the refinery only the exact value of gold is considerable. Craftsmanship is not a consideration when the value is assessed.

6. The insurance company appraised it for £800, so why can’t I get it here?

As mentioned earlier, Moon Jeweller pays only for the melt value of Gold as determined by the State Law. On the other hand, insurance companies will appraise the price in terms of its “retail replacement value.” In other words, they will cover everything what you have to pay in case you need to get it replaced. The valuation of insurance company thus is subject to a lot of considerations, while the cash for gold scheme deals only with the melt value of the gold.

7. What kinds of testing methods are used for determining the value of gold?

Moon Jeweller has several strict approach for the same, but at the same time, there’s nothing hidden. Everything is done in front of you, so that no confusion crops up in the long run. As you come to us with your gold jewellery, we look for the specific stamp on it that determines the karat value. Later, it is passed on to the refinery, where the testers follow three different techniques to assess its value. The first is acid/scratch test, next is electronic test and the final one is X-ray fluorescence scan. All these are helpful to evaluate the purity of your gold. Find more at

8. What if I am not satisfied with the price you pay?

Normally this has not happened till date as we offer the best price. However, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a return.

9. What is the pay for gemstones?

Recently, we have started paying for gemstones and the exact value of Diamond will be paid along with the melt value of your gold.

10. What is a karat?

Karat is the standard of measuring the purity of the gold. As you know pure gold is soft and hence not ideal for making jewellery. Hence, it is treated with various alloy to make it strong and apt for making jewellery pieces. Normally, copper, silver or zinc are used to make it stronger. Comparing the percentage of gold to its alloy helps in determining the purity. In the UK, gold jewellery is available in 9K, 14K or 18K. So a 10K ring from US comprises of 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy. So, you can say the piece of jewellery is 41.7% pure and you will get paid for the gold part only.

11. Do you accept broken jewellery?

Yes we do accept broken jewellery and in the same way pay you exactly the value of the melted gold.

12. Do I need to produce any identification proof before selling my jewellery to you?

Yes, we have strict policy on that part. We need you to produce your Passport, Provincial ID and Citizenship proof, Driving License, Status Certificate, and Provincial Residential Card before accepting any piece of jewellery from your end. All these are maintained for the security purpose. Because we are into a legal business and entertain any fraudulent acts in no way.

13. What policy does Moon Jeweller follow while accepting cash for gold?

Moon Jeweller is strict on its policy. We adhere to the following policies diligently before doing any transaction:

  • The seller should be 18 years of age.
  • Stolen items are not accepted. Before selling anything, you must produce a legal document that verifies the authenticity.
  • For enhanced security, we store detailed records of all transactions. Hence, we require you to sign a form that states you as a legal owner of the products you are selling. According to this, any fraudulent activities will be directly brought in notice of police.

14. Do you offer mail-in- option?

Yes we do have a mail-in-option. Provide us your mailing address and we will reach you to collect the items as soon as possible. We also offer a 24 hour payment guarantee and a tracking code, with which you can track the payment procedure always. Normally, we issue your payment as soon as we evaluate its price.

15. Are you available on weekends?

Yes we are. Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00 Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

Any more questions? Reach us at 0207 112 5180. We would love to hear from you.