Cash for Estate Jewelry


I am glad you asked. At moon jewellers we understand that our customers highly value their families and the items that they have held dearly in the family. We strive to give that same level of respect to you and your valuables. Let the trained professional staff at Moon Jewellers evaluate every item for what it’s truly worth, and try to maximise the dollar amount for you with the least amount of work.

We understand that everyone has a different perspective on whats valuable, and we are ever expanding our knowledge base, we are constantly growing and as we grow so are the items that we have interest in.

Some of the items we are interested in but not limited to:

  • GOLD
  • ART
  • FURS

We pride ourselves on giving you real value for items. We understand that your items may have been very expensive in the past and we will do everything in our power to attempt to reach what you believe is a reasonable return. We are very flexible in our negotiations, and we can offer many solutions in order to achieve those goals for you.

If a deal is struck and both parties are happy with the deal, cash can be paid immediately.

If that option doesn’t suit you we would be more than happy to showcase your item for you and act as a loyal agent to you and your items. We will make all the efforts to bring you the price you desire for your precious valuables at no cost until the item(s) are sold.

Moon Jewellers wide knowledge base and expansive list of dealers allows for a quick and easy turnover.